Top 6 Waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains You Should See

July 9, 2022
ramsey cascades waterfall in the Smoky Mountains

One natural feature people love seeing in the Smokies is a waterfall. There are several waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains you can easily get to, as well as some that include a long hike. No matter which ones you try to see, they are all beautiful! Here are the top 6 waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains you should see:

1. Laurel Falls

laurel falls smoky mountainsA popular waterfall many people love to hike to is Laurel Falls. The hiking trail to get to the falls is considered easy at 2.6 miles roundtrip. The path is paved, making it even easier to climb. Many families, couples, and older people enjoy this hike. Once you reach the falls, you’ll see how incredible it is. Laurel Falls stands at 80 feet tall, and it is split into two tiers. A footbridge crosses the falls so you can get to the other side and stand in front of the top tier for pictures.

2. Grotto Falls

Grotto Falls is another waterfall in the Smoky Mountains people love hiking to. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to make the trip to the waterfall and back. The roundtrip length is 3 miles, and the trail is considered moderate. You’ll hike through the woods alongside the creek. Grotto Falls is 25 feet tall, and it is the only waterfall in the Great smoky Mountains National Park you can walk behind. Please be careful on rocks near the falls since they will be slippery.

3. Rainbow Falls

rainbow fallsRainbow Falls is another beautiful waterfall you will want to see. The trail to get there is considered moderate, and it has a roundtrip length of 5.4 miles. You’ll hike through the woods most of the way there, and this trail is also used to get to the summit of Mount LeConte. When you first see Rainbow Falls, you’ll be impressed. This is the tallest single-drop waterfall in the national park at 80 feet tall. The waterfall gets its name from the rainbow effect the mist creates in the afternoon sun.

4. Ramsey Cascades

One of the most incredible waterfalls in the national park is also one of the most difficult to get to. Ramsey Cascades is a waterfall people say is worth seeing, but the hike to get there is considered difficult and is 8 miles roundtrip. You’ll hike through the woods a while before you reach the waterfall. Ramsey Cascades is a series of rocks, with several tiers of rocks, and it stands at 100 feet tall.

5. Abrams Falls

If you plan on being in Cades Cove, you should hike to Abrams Falls. The trailhead is located along the Cades Cove Loop. The trail is moderate with a roundtrip length of 5 miles. You’ll hike through old forest with several hundred huge trees. Then you’ll walk alongside the creek before you reach the falls. Abrams Falls is 20 feet tall, but the amount of water that rushes over the waterfall is impressive!

6. Baskins Creek Falls

Another waterfall in the Smoky Mountains you should go see is Baskins Creek Falls. This waterfall is one of the most underrated. The trail is considered easy to moderate because it rises in elevation in the beginning, then it sharply descends right before you get to the waterfall, making it a more difficult hike back. When you see Baskins Creek Falls, you’ll see a 40-foot-tall waterfall with two tiers. You’ll be blown away by it’s beauty.

These waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains are definitely something you’ll want to check out. Since you have an idea of what you want to do when you’re in town, you just need a place to stay. Look through our hotel rooms in Pigeon Forge and book one for your trip today!