Top 5 Things to Do in the Smoky Mountains You’ll Love

November 26, 2019
cades cove loop road in the smoky mountains

When you visit the Smokies, you’re probably wanting to spend some time in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! There are all kinds of fun things to do in the Smoky Mountains everyone in your group will love, from hiking to driving. Look at these top 5 things to do in the Smoky Mountains you’ll love:

1. Visit Clingmans Dome

clingmans domeMany people want to go to the top of Clingmans Dome when they’re looking for things to do in the Smoky Mountains. The hike to the top is about 1 mile long, and the path is paved though it is steep. You’ll walk through the forest until you reach the observation tower at the top. Since this is one of the highest elevations in the mountains, you’ll have incredible views of the mountains. The colors start to change here first in the fall, and you might even spot some snow in the winter! Spring brings many colorful wildflowers, so this is a great activity for any time of the year!

2. Drive Around Cades Cove

Another popular activity people enjoy is driving around the Cades Cove Loop! Along this 11-mile road, you’ll see beautiful views of the mountains and valleys. There are plenty of historic buildings you’ll want to explore along the road, from cabins to churches. You can pull off the road and get out and walk around these buildings. Cades Cove is popular at all times throughout the year because you’ll see wildflowers in the spring, fall colors, and possibly snow in the winter. It’s also a great place to see wildlife!

3. Hike to Grotto Falls

grotto fallsIf you’ve never hiked to a waterfall in the Smoky Mountains, then you should the next time you’re here! A popular waterfall hike is Grotto Falls. The roundtrip length of the hike is 2.6 miles. You’ll make your way through old forest growth and walk beside a creek. Once you reach the falls, you’ll see the 25-foot waterfall pouring into a pool of water. Grotto Falls is a unique waterfall because it’s one of the only ones you can walk behind in the Smoky Mountains. You also might see llamas along this trail making their way to Mt. LeConte to bring supplies.

4. Have a Picnic

A great family thing to do in the Smoky Mountains is to have a picnic! There are a ton of picnic areas throughout the park. You can sit underneath huge trees, hike to one of your favorite spots, or sit next to a creek. Pack a cooler full of sandwich ingredients or pick up a meal at a local restaurant. Everyone will have fun eating together in the Smoky Mountains.

5. See Views at Andrews Bald

andrews baldIf you want incredible views of the Smoky Mountains and to go on a hike, you should travel to Andrews Bald. The roundtrip length is 3.6 miles and is it considered moderate. You’ll make your way through the forest. Then, you’ll reach the bald, which is a field on top of a mountain. In the spring, there are tons of wildflowers along this trail. You’ll see incredible views of the mountains from the bald.

If you find yourself missing the Smokies, here are some Smoky Mountain webcams to make you feel like you’re here!

There are so many fun things to do in the Smoky Mountains! Since you have some ideas for what you’re going to do, all you need is a place to stay! Book one of our rooms now for your next trip!