6 Roller Coasters at Dollywood You Need to Ride

September 4, 2022
thunderhead roller coaster at Dollywood

Do you love adventure and want to do something exciting? Then you should ride these roller coasters at Dollywood! There’s one everyone will want to try, from small kids to adults! Each one has its own unique thing you’ll love. Check out these 6 roller coasters at Dollywood you need to ride:

1. Wild Eagle

wild eagle roller coaster at dollywoodThe Wild Eagle is a really popular roller coaster people love to ride. It’s located in Wilderness Pass. This coaster is the first of its kind in the country, because it is the first wing coaster. The seats sit on either side of the track, which makes you feel like you’re flying when you’re on the ride. This coaster has a 135-foot drop and reaches a top speed of 61 miles per hour at 4x G force.

2. Thunderhead

Thunderhead is one of the most popular roller coasters at Dollywood. It was one of the first wooden roller coasters in the country when it was first built. It has a 100-foot drop and reaches top speeds of 55 miles per hour. It’s 3.5X G-force will keep you thrilled until the ride is over! Thunderhead is also unique because it goes over and under itself more than 30 times!

3. Tennessee Tornado

You’ll probably recognize the Tennessee Tornado as soon as you see it because of the huge loops. The theme of this coaster is a twister, and you’ll feel like you’ve been on a fun twister after you ride. You’ll go through a tunnel down a 128-foot drop at 70 miles per hour. People of all ages love this roller coaster!

4. Mystery Mine

Mystery Mine is a more modern roller coaster at Dollywood with unique elements. It goes straight up and straight down during some parts. The car is 4 people wide and 2 seats long, and the entire ride is themed around mining. Then at the end, there’s a heartline roll and a turn over loop.

5. Blazing Fury

blazing furyThe oldest coaster at Dollywood is Blazing Fury. It’s been at the park for over 40 years, even though it’s been through some changes. There are animatronics and all kinds of props to make the ride more real. The premise is that a fire in town has closed the mine that you’re riding. There are a few drops during the ride, making it friendly for people who don’t always enjoy large roller coasters.

6. Lightning Rod

Lighting Rod is the second wooden roller coaster at Dollywood. It’s themed after 1950s hot rods. This coaster goes from 0 to 45 miles per hour up a hill within the first few minutes of the ride. The top speed is 73 miles per hour, the fastest of any wooden coaster in the world.

Once you ride all of these roller coasters at Dollywood, you’ll want to ride them again and again! Do you need a place to stay when you visit Dollywood? Check out our Pigeon Forge hotel rooms that are near this popular theme park!