Don’t Forget These Essentials When You Stay at Our Pigeon Forge Hotel with an Indoor Pool

August 22, 2017
Indoor swimming pool at Valley Forge Inn in Pigeon Forge

When you stay at our Pigeon Forge hotel with an indoor pool, don’t forget to pack the essentials to have a fun day in the water. Here’s a few things you will want to pack to ensure a fun time will be had by all!

1. Bathing Suits

The most essential thing to have when you stay at a Pigeon Forge hotel with an indoor pool is a bathing suit. Make sure the whole family has at least one bathing suit with them so they can enjoy the pool when you have some free time on your vacation. If you plan on dedicating a day of your trip to just lounging around the hotel, you will definitely want to have bathing suits ready for any young kids with you. They’ll want to be in the pool as much as possible.

happy children with swim goggles at indoor swimming pool2. Beach Towels

Although you could just use the towels from your hotel room, you don’t want to cut down on the towels you have for when everyone takes a shower. You can pack a separate bag entirely for your beach towels. If you do that, you can also pack other pool essentials in it like goggles so the kids can see when they are underwater. No worries if you forgot to bring a beach towel, because there are plenty of places you can stop by to pick one up in the summer.

3. Floaties for Kids

Not every kid knows how to swim, so make sure to bring flotation devices so that your kids will be able to enjoy the pool even if they aren’t the strongest swimmers. Pool noodles are a great item to bring along even for stronger swimmers so they can rest in between laps! Just remember to take all of your items back to your room after every visit to our indoor pool.

4. Books or Magazines for the Adults

small boy smiling and splashing in swimming poolIf your kids are older and great swimmers then you can bring a book or magazine with you to read by the poolside. We all have that book that we’ve been meaning to read but just haven’t had the time! Magazines are another great option because they are inexpensive and easy to pack. Bring the latest issue of your favorite magazines to keep you entertained if you don’t want to get into the pool but still want to spend time with your family.

So check out our Pigeon Forge hotel rooms and start planning your next trip to our hotel! We look forward to your visit!