Top 3 Places to Ride Go Karts in Pigeon Forge for Families with Kids

March 17, 2020
go karts in pigeon forge

If you are interested in introducing your kids to the fun of go karts and want to avoid the higher speed courses and slick tracks, there are plenty of fantastic options in Pigeon Forge! In fact, you will find several courses specifically designed just for the kids in your family! Here are the top 3 places to ride go karts in Pigeon Forge for families with young children:

1. The Track

kids riding go karts in pigeon forgeOne of the top places where kids can ride go karts in Pigeon Forge is The Track, which actually features a location next to The Island in Pigeon Forge and another location at traffic light #10! These massive family fun centers feature a pair of go kart tracks for children where kids can take the wheel for the first time! The Kiddie Karts are designed for riders between 3’6” and 4’0” tall and provide a fun, safe environment for your young racers. If you have kids who are over 4 feet tall, they can step into the driver’s seat on the Rookie Track! This go kart track provides riders with a sense of independence but in a contained environment. While visiting each of The Track locations, be sure to check out some of the other kid friendly attractions too, including miniature golf, a carousel, and an arcade!

2. SpeedZone Fun Park

SpeedZone Fun Park offers 4 unique go kart tracks at one location, including a Kids Track for your junior speedsters! This track is perfect for the young and adventurous, and drivers only have to be at least 36 inches tall and 4 years old to participate! Although these karts operate at a low speed, you can rest assured there are still seat belts required for your child’s safety! If your children want to ride along as a passenger on one of the tracks, kids who are at least 3 years old can ride along with an adult on the Tennessee Twister and Coaster Tracks! SpeedZone Fun Park is located at 3315 South River Road, adjacent to stop light #7.

3. NASCAR SpeedPark

nascar speedpark in sevierville tn

You will find some of the best go kart tracks for kids just north of Pigeon Forge at the NASCAR SpeedPark, which is conveniently located just off the Parkway when driving into Sevierville! This action-packed go kart facility features several kid friendly tracks, including the Baby Bristol. First time drivers who are at least 36 inches tall will love the chance to drive their own car around this 200 starter track! If you have a child who is at least 44 inches tall, they can drive a kart on The Qualifier beginner’s track which is popular for its easy course! The NASCAR SpeedPark is home to other kid friendly amusement rides too, including the Kiddie Speedway, Rockingham Railroad, Stock Car Carousel, and the Tubs of Fun.

Check out all rooms at our Pigeon Forge hotel today to plan your family vacation near these fun places where younger kids can ride go karts in Pigeon Forge! We look forward to seeing your family soon at the Valley Forge Inn!