Top 4 Studios You Can Visit for the Best Old Time Photos in Pigeon Forge

December 31, 2018
Aerial view of the Parkway in Pigeon Forge

If you ever dreamed about being a cowboy, gangster or Southern belle, you can now make that a reality with the old time photos in Pigeon Forge! These professional portrait studios near the Valley Forge Inn offer you the chance to dress up in various old-fashioned costumes as you pose with your family and friends! This is not only a fun and unique activity, but you can also bring home a souvenir photo of your group to remember your vacation in the Smokies! Here are the top 4 studios you should visit for the best old time photos in Pigeon Forge:

1. Wild Gals Old Time Photo

One of the top studios for old time photos in Pigeon Forge is Wild Gals Old Time Photo! You can pick from a variety of themes at this popular studio, including Southern belles and gentlemen, 1800s westerns, 1920s gangsters and more! Let your imagination run wild as your family poses as cowboys in the saloon or as gangsters ready to rob a bank! Wild Gals Old Time Photo is located at 1981 Parkway and is open daily for your entertainment. You can even make your appointment online so that there is little to no wait when you arrive!

2. Old Time Photo at The Islandisland fountain day summer

While exploring The Island in Pigeon Forge, stop by the Old Time Photo at The Island to make some hilarious photos! Guests of all ages can get into the action, and there are even special costumes just for babies! The 1860’s Victorian time period is a blast for your kids as little girls love to dress in the long puffy dresses with big hats while the boys enjoy wearing the cute southern gentlemen clothes with top hats. If you recently got married, check out the Romantic scenes where you can pose with a “Just Hitched” sign while wearing old time wedding outfits!

3. Old Time Photo #5

Another one of the top places to get old time photos in Pigeon Forge is Old Time Photo #5 at 3059 Parkway! This studio specializes in antique style photography and themed weddings with portraits from the late 1800s and the Old West. You can choose from a wide array of scenes including a saloon, Victorian parlor, western porch with outhouse and an elegant chaise lounge. The saloon and western themes can accommodate up to 32 people so the Old Time Photo #5 is fantastic for large groups! Pets are also welcome to make your pictures even more hilarious!

4. Four Sisters Old Time PhotosOld Time Photo Camera

While driving through Pigeon Forge, you can’t miss the huge red Old Time Photo sign pointing to Four Sisters Old Time Photos! This old time photo studio at 3152 Parkway has 30 years of experience in providing the best costumes for all ages, shapes and sizes! You can become practically any character you can imagine at Four Sisters Old Time Photos, including an Old West cowboy, Civil War general, roaring 20s gangster, sheriff or even a hillbilly. There are props that have been gathered from throughout Europe and the USA to make the photos look like movie sets!

Check out all of our hotel rooms in Pigeon Forge TN today to plan your vacation near these great places to get old time photos in Pigeon Forge! We hope to see you soon at the Valley Forge Inn!