5 Benefits of Staying in the Townhouses at Our Pigeon Forge Hotel

February 20, 2019
bottom level of townhouse at a Pigeon Forge hotel

A vacation at our Pigeon Forge hotel should be all about comfort and convenience, and that’s why we also offer awesome townhouses for a nice variety. While there’s plenty of great standard hotel units available, these rooms are perfect for many different reasons. We’re going to list for you 5 benefits of our townhouses that you’ll find excellent for your needs in order to have an outstanding vacation!

1. Extra Space

If you have the desire for a little extra space when choosing your accommodations, then these townhouses will be a wise decision. In fact, we offer 2 different types if you’re still a little worried about space. We have regular townhouses with a bedroom on both levels, but our family townhouses feature 3 bedrooms with a mini kitchen for cooking meals and storing cold items for added convenience on your trip!

2. Privacy

man reading a bookOur townhouses at our Pigeon Forge hotel are designed to not only offer you extra space, but they also give you a little more privacy. The 2 levels give you some separation for when you want to have some quiet time reading a book or taking a nap without disturbing anyone else in your clan. This is a fantastic benefit that you’ll want to take advantage of in-between your adventures in the Smoky Mountains!

3. Added Amenities

What also makes our townhouses so awesome is the fact that the extra space and privacy give you added amenities to enjoy. We mentioned the kitchen in the family townhouses, but our standard ones also offer an added television and bathroom. The extra television is nice when you have different shows you like to watch, and the extra bathroom makes getting ready in the morning a lot less time consuming. Now you have more time to enjoy ​Dollywood​ and plenty more!

4. Fantastic Value

You might think that staying in a townhouse at our Pigeon Forge hotel will cost much more than a standard room, but that’s definitely not the case. We provide low rates that are a fantastic value compared to what you’ll find elsewhere. You’ll be excited to see the price when you realize just how much you’re getting when you stay in our townhouses. This means you’ll be able to enjoy a little more of what this wonderful tourist region offers visitors like yourselves!

5. Fun for the Kids

small boy smiling and splashing in swimming poolIt’s amazing to see all the things kids can get excited about. Just the stairs alone in our townhouses will make them happier, but that’s just scratching the surface of what they’ll find great about us. Electronic devices can be used with our WiFi, but when you’re not enjoying the sights around town and beyond, we have an indoor and outdoor pool for fun in the water no matter what time of year. Also, we offer breakfast with a wide variety of items that we guarantee will contain some of their favorite morning items!

Once again, these townhouses are a great option for your family. If you want all the benefits of a magnificent vacation, go ahead and ​book your own townhouse room​ at our Pigeon Forge hotel!