Top 5 Arcades in Pigeon Forge Your Family Will Love

May 12, 2021
Arcade City at The Island in Pigeon Forge

Want to have fun with your family while you’re in town? There are plenty of arcades in Pigeon Forge where you can play together! Rack up points by playing games and then take home awesome prizes! Check out these top 5 arcades in Pigeon Forge your family will love:

1. LazerPort Fun Center

lazerport fun centerOne of the most popular arcades is LazerPort Fun Center. They have the largest arcade in the Smoky Mountains at 10,000 square feet. You will find redemption games where the more points you score in the game, the more points you’ll get on your gaming card! Try your hand at a claw machine to win instant prizes, or play a jackpot game to see if you can win big. LazerPort also has go karts where you and your kids can race each other to see who is the fastest. Don’t forget to play a game or two of laser tag in the largest arena in the Smokies!

2. Arcade City

If you happen to be at The Island, you should play at Arcade City. This huge arcade in Pigeon Forge has all the fun games you want to play. Play a racing game with a motorcycle or car. Try to knock off coins into the slot to win points. Challenge your kids to a game of skee ball or air hockey. After you’re done playing, take your gaming card to the prize counter and trade out points for prizes!

3. Big Top Arcade

big top arcade pigeon forgeBig Top Arcade is another arcade where you can take your family to play. It is located off the main Parkway, making it easy to find. You’ll find all kinds of fun games, from claw machines to jackpot games. You can also play redemption games where you play to win as many points as possible, and then those points download onto your gaming card. Some of the prizes you can get include little toys, candy, big electrics, stuffed animals, and more.

4. Rockin Raceway

Rockin Raceway is another arcade in Pigeon Forge where your family will have a ton of fun playing games together. This arcade is also located right off the Parkway. You can play pool, air hockey, or skee ball with your kids. Try to win big in the redemption and jackpot games. After you’re done in the arcade, head over to the go karts and see who is the fastest in your family!

5. Ripley’s Super Fun Park

girl playing an arcade gameRipley’s Super Fun Park is another place where you’ll want to play with your family. Play all kinds of fun redemption, jackpot, and racing games while you’re in the arcade. Check out the claw machines and other fun games. After you’re done in the arcade, head outside to knock into each other in bumper boats. Then head to the go kart track and see who will win the race! You’ll have a blast at Ripley’s Super Fun Park!

These arcades in Pigeon Forge are a ton of fun for the whole family! Want to stay close to all the action? Look through our Pigeon Forge hotel rooms and book your next vacation today!