5 Things to Know About the Alcatraz East Crime Museum at The Island in Pigeon Forge

June 29, 2018
alcatraz east crime museum in Pigeon Forge

Our location on the Parkway makes it easy for you to get to The Island in Pigeon Forge. And part of The Island is a relatively new addition to all the fun things you can do here, and that’s the ​Alcatraz East Crime Museum​. Here are 5 things you should know about this fascinating museum featuring some of the most infamous names and events in American crime history.

Alcatraz East Crime Museum1. The Fascinating Galleries

Inside this gem at The Island in Pigeon Forge are 5 very unique galleries that dive deep into the history of criminals, law enforcement, and the legal process that brought these lawbreakers to justice. The museum — at over 25,000 square feet spread out over 2 levels — has plenty of space for these fascinating galleries. You’ll find each of them special in their own way, and you’ll also find out some things you never knew even if you claim to be an expert on certain cases or events.

2. Their Temporary Exhibits

The Alcatraz East Crime Museum at The Island in Pigeon Forge likes to keep things fresh and interesting with exhibits that spotlight various topics within the broad range of crime and punishment. If you’re interested in crimes that happened right here in Tennessee, their current exhibit focuses on efforts to curb moonshining, and famous local pioneers in forensics. Another temporary exhibit spotlights the very relevant subject of scamming in today’s world. Included here are some of the most notorious scammers and the methods used to take advantage of their victims.

3. They Welcome Groups

The Alcatraz East Crime Museum is very welcoming to groups, as it’s a place where there’s plenty of educational benefit, especially for school class visits. There’s plenty of artifacts inside to satisfy groups of all ages and interests. With some of the largest collection of crime and law items in the country found right here at The Island in Pigeon Forge, you would be wise to gather your group for a look at these amazing items.

4. Deals Are Offered

save-money-conceptWe all love a good deal when we see one, and the Alcatraz East Crime Museum gives you the opportunity to save some of your hard-earned money on vacation. The Island in Pigeon Forge has even more things to do after your visit here, and a quick click of the follow button on their Twitter account could give you a chance to score some savings on tickets for the museum. Discounts can also be had by signing up for their monthly newsletter.

5. Good Girl Scout Programs

If your daughter is a Girl Scout or thinking of becoming one, this crime museum at The Island in Pigeon Forge couldn’t be more accommodating to troops. They offer several programs throughout the year that not only rewards them with a special badge upon completion but also gives them discounts for showing proof of membership.

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